Wolmaransstad is a maize-farming town situated on the N12 between Johannesburg and Kimberley in North West Province of South Africa. The town lies in an important alluvial diamond-mining area.
Wolmaransstad originated in 1891 on the banks of the Makwasi River (San word for a type of wild spearmint) and takes its name from JMA Wolmarans, a volksraad councilman.
The Dutch Reformed church building was designed by Gerard Moerdijk.

This town from the start of the famous Diamond Route and is situated 80km from Klerksdorp and approximately 3 hours from Johannesburg.

Wolmaransstad serves a large community and is an important diamond buying center.  It's a farming and prospecting community forming part of the area where the highest concentration of earth moving equipment, in the world, can be found.

The town hosts an annual show and the renowned "Porrel Mardi Gras" is held here during the winter months.
Temperatures during the winter months can drop below zero degrees whilst summer months reach a high of fourty degrees.  Although it's a fairly dry area, cattle farming is wide spread within the area.  Various sandstone buildings can be found in this picturesque town.